Partnership with Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce x NAV.COM

We are pleased to announce a new partnership. We are joining forces and expertise with Sana Commerce, a global e-commerce software provider. The partnership aims to provide customers with access to e-commerce platform that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system

Sana Commerce enables companies to use data and business logic from BC to create personalized and optimized online stores. The solution offered allows for easy and fast integration with an ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, without the need for additional interfaces or data replication. This allows users to take advantage of the many benefits of e-commerce, such as automating ordering processes, improving customer service, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

The direct and refined integration of ERP and e-commerce makes these systems work as one:

  • all ERP data is also available in the e-commerce platform in real time;
  • all ERP functions are also available on the e-commerce platform;
  • there is a single source of data shared between ERP and e-commerce;
  • changes are made only once, in one system, and not in both.

B2B e-commerce solution

Sana Commerce enables B2B companies to create and manage online stores that are tailored to their needs and customer preferences. The B2B platform is easy to use and provides high performance and security. Sana Commerce offers many capabilities, such as:

  • automation of sales and order processes;
  • personalization of offers and prices;
  • optimization of logistics and delivery;
  • increase customer loyalty and satisfaction;
  • increase sales and profits.

Discover what else the Sana e-commerce offers.

Together with Sana Commerce, we jointly provide customers with comprehensive support for implementing and maintaining e-commerce solutions, as well as access to best practices and industry knowledge. This partnership is another step in NAV.COM’s mission to provide innovative and proven ERP solutions that help businesses succeed in the marketplace.

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