Increase control over your garment production and distribution

With the solutions offered by our company you will be able to:

  • Find and track every piece of fabric by style, colour or size.
  • Plan production across multiple lines and dynamically handle worker shifts to optimise the efficiency of work stations.

For companies supplying workwear, we provide the tools for individual identification & registration of each item of clothing being at the purchaser’s employees equipment.


Product management

Adapt your product range to customer needs, optimise production and purchasing costs and increase planning efficiency

  • Collection planning in line with changing trends
  • Calculation of purchases based on prepared cut-outs
  • Colour and size lists, registration of required material and product certifications
  • Size charts, possibility of personalizing customer sizes
  • Sample management, registration of rental of sample models
  • Quality control and result reporting

Purchasing & logistics

A well-organised purchasing process enables you to react in advance to upcoming changes in market trends

  • Budgeting of purchases and surcharges based on existing data and fluctuating market prices
  • Purchasing and procurement – integrated PDM
  • Calculation of prices and price list management, analysis of changes in market prices
  • Warehouse logistics, full support of processes related to handling of multiple warehouse locations
  • Carrying out inventories and partial value reductions


Keep your finger on the pulse with constant access to analyses and reports in every area of the company

  • Order tracking
  • Tracking of goods receipt
  • Supplier and logistics operator assessments
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Receivables analysis
  • Financial controlling with general ledger and subsidiary ledger

Our clients

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