Full-range support for production

  • Automate and streamline production processes with greater adaptability.
  • Respond faster to changes and market realities, innovate faster.
  • Increase employee productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • Gain greater control over production with real-time access to material, inventory and cost data.
  • Improve strategic decision-making and gain a competitive advantage.



Full support for your production process based on real needs and specific production methods.

  • Discrete or in-process production: choose the most suitable production method for your needs.
  • Product configuration: Benefit from a product configuration that allows you to produce in multiple variants and increase your sales opportunities.
  • Master Production Plan: Balance your future needs in a single or multi-site company based on current requirements, forecasts and machine learning.
  • Manage finished goods warehouse: Optimise your product handling warehouse processes to increase sales productivity.
  • Manage the production process: Get real-time information about the production process and react immediately to unexpected production events.

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your procurement process with effective control from planning to delivery

  • Order Management System: Use an order-based system to be efficient and transparent in external, internal or business-to-business scenarios.
  • Demand Forecasting: Forecast demand based on your own experience or with techniques that use data from within or outside your ERP system, enhanced with advanced machine learning algorithms.
  • Inventory, warehouse and transport management: Manage the end-to-end logistics chain in a flexible, simple or advanced way, using ready-made templates.
  • Quality management: Ensure transparency in quality management across all logistics processes.

Project management

Project planning and execution from budgeting to resource management to full cost accounting – the future of effective business management.

  • Project forecasting and budgeting: Controlling and forecasting a project from an operational perspective along with budgeting for financial control.
  • Project resources: Identifying and reserving appropriate resources for a project, creating work breakdown structures, estimating resource costs, project budgets and synchronising capacity.
  • Project cost accruals: Track accrued project costs against purchase receipts in cases where invoices arrive later than goods and services are delivered, providing correct insight into KPIs, financial and project reports.
  • Project invoicing: Create project invoices based on materials, expenses, hours, recorded charges and project billing schedules.


Increase your customers’ sense of security by providing them with an efficient and reliable after-sales service with effective system solutions.

  • Sales management: create offers, easily view up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, create sales orders and automate the sales invoicing process.
  • Service management: Creation of service contracts and service subscriptions, handling of service orders and customer enquiries to manage and analyse service provision to customers.

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