Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, you will increase the productivity of your business, as well as the performance of your team through real-time analysis based on historical data and forecasts. Additionally, Dynamics 365 for Sales allows you to observe business processes and optimize sales activities due to automation.

Intelligent sales at your fingertips

  • Intelligent automation of repetitive and manual tasks for increased sales department responsiveness
  • Customer views enriched by artificial intelligence
  • Advanced lead scoring models for better conversion rates
  • Unified, customisable sales process
  • Access to detailed information on sales opportunities in every department of the company

Develop your ideal sales process with Dynamics365 for Sales

Automate repetitive and manual tasks

Dynamics 365 for Sales provides extensive automation capabilities ranging from automated email campaigns to creating quotes, quotations or invoices. Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to set up automatic reminders to contact leads at various stages of the sales process. It also helps to set up email services based on the current status of a sales opportunity or its pesence in the system.


Extend your knowledge of customers

Available for Dynamics 365 Sales, the Sales Insights add-on helps you accurately evaluate the most promising leads and opportunities. With assistance from artificial intelligence, existing and new customer data is converted into scores. With predictive scoring, you can prioritise leads and opportunities, which can then contribute to more effective sales.

Expand the range of sales opportunities

In Dynamics 365 for Sales, you will gain access to predefined sales leads (Sales Playbooks) that will help you make the process of handling sales opportunities more consistent and personalized. Sales opportunity cards give you access to all necessary information on your customers: notes, full history of interactions, user preferences, etc.

Monitor sales performance

Dynamics 365 for Sales provides user-friendly dashboards for setting smart goals and monitoring performance. Its built-in features align team activities with designated sales processes, whereas gamification feature enables healthy competition within the team.

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