Are you thinking about implementing an ERP system to streamline your company's processes?


You experience limitations in consolidating data

You experience limitations in consolidating data

from vital areas of the business

You would like to optimise your warehouse management

You would like to optimise your warehouse management

by intelligent replenishment of production components

You need easy-to-read reports

You need easy-to-read reports

that simplify insights into your business while being very easy to share

then Business Central 365 is right for You

Benefits of the system

Deploy the Business Central 365 and:

Streamline your workflows

Streamline your accounting, sales, purchasing, warehouse and customer contact workflows with ERP software, tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Gain the ability to track cash-flow, purchases, credit approval and payment status of your customers.

Optimise stock levels

Benefit from forecasts and guidance on stock levels with built-in intelligence that predicts when and what to replenish.

Speed up order processing from quotation to payment approval

Create sales quotes, purchase orders and even invoices directly in your Microsoft Outlook mailbox. Gain the ability to import data from Microsoft Excel to update inventory, complete purchase and sales orders. Customise the look and structure of outgoing documents such as quotes or invoices in Microsoft Word.

Enhance financial reporting

Benefit from seamless integration of Business Central 365 with Excel and Power BI, an advanced business intelligence tool.

Add industry and business add-ons

Extend Dynamics 365 Business Central with add-on applications dedicated to your industry. Enrich the functionality of the system by linking data to other sources and services – Sharepoint lists, Excel files, and CRM records using Microsoft Power Apps.

Industry applications

We translate unusual business scenarios into IT language.


Plan efficiently and monitor costs in real time.

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Manage multi-channel sales in a comprehensive way.

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Apparel industry

Increase control over garment production and distribution.

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Equipment rental

Manage your rental equipment in a comprehensive way.

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Dynamics365 functional areas

Financial management

  • Streamline accounts receivable and payable processing and accelerate financial close with real-time reporting,
  • Manage intercompany transactions and inventory costs in a single system,
  • Consolidate financial data from multiple sources (locations) for a holistic view of your business,
  • Improve forecasting with advanced modelling and analytics that capture patterns and trends.

Manufacturing management

  • Planning of the production process with versioned single- or multi-level material lists and routings of the desired complexity,
  • Management of production orders based on their status: simulated, planned, released and completed orders,
  • Comprehensive management of subcontracting orders,
  • Prediction of sales-related demand and production requirements through demand forecasts,
  • Planning of optimum capacity utilization (machines, people, tools) thanks to MPS possibilities (Master Production Schedule),
  • Accounting of consumption in production either manually or automatically (flushing principle).

Supply chain management

  • Control inventory in real time, optimize inventory levels with the help of artificial intelligence,
  • Compile inventory, purchasing and sales data into real-time reports. Reports are created in real time and according to industry reporting standards,
  • Automate the purchasing and approval process with easy-to-use workflows. Get fast, error-free order processing and identify process errors,
  • Gain a holistic view of your warehouse and deliver orders on time. Stay in control of goods movement and related transactions.

Sales & Service management

  • Use multiple devices: Manage the complete process from offer to payment using the interface of your choice on a desktop, tablet or smartphone running Windows, IOS or Android.
  • Efficient sales process management: track all customer interactions and use built-in up-selling and cross-selling recommendations. Control the sales funnel, focus on important customers and increase revenue with Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • Advanced contact management

Project management

  • Manage your project in one place in the system – configure tasks, plan resources, keep records of time and costs associated with each individual project,
  • Monitor project progress and numbers – control budgets, deadlines, resources and profitability,
  • Provide project participants with uninterrupted access to project data through a unified interface on multiple devices simultaneously.

Analysis & Reporting

  • Expandable BI (business intelligence) report templates for more aspects of sales, purchasing and inventory.
  • Advanced financial reporting: financial controlling, planning and reporting of cash flow, receivables and payables.
  • Predict the future fate of your business and create different scenarios with “What if” analysis.
  • Integrated intelligent notification functions through Essential Business Insights displayed on users’ Role Center (Dashboard) pages.


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