Analyze data and make better business decisions with Power BI

  • Monitor the health of the company using KPIs (key business indicators)
  • Monitor the sales performance of each product against previous years
  • Analyze revenues by product category
  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Provide your sales force with reports that will increase their effectiveness in offering the right products to your customers

Explore the power of Power BI

Sales forecasting

  • Forecast demand based on machine learning algorithms.
  • Use your historical data along with external data (weather, traffic, etc.).
  • Identify different product types: popular products, new products, slow-selling products, etc. and use the appropriate forecasting models.
  • Forecasting models are updated daily providing you with always up-to-date estimates.

Optimization of inventory levels

  • Minimize shortages in key categories and inventory while maintaining optimal stock levels.
  • Avoid overstocking with more timely planning using AI-based suggestions.
  • Incorporate item-, supplier- or cargo-specific constraints into optimization models.

BI consulting and implementation

  • Consolidate data with castomized data warehouse services.
  • Take advantage of self-service development of analytical tools.
  • Integrate with your IT environment through embedded analytics.
  • Support services for BI solutions are provided throughout the solution lifecycle.