We support Logistics Management

Through Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation we help to solve logistics problems. Have you ever come across any of the below mentioned situations? If so, it may be a good moment to think about the change of ERP system.

  • Does the growing number of warehouse acceptances and releases cause data errors and delays in registering?
  • Do clients and suppliers insist on implementing identification or series/batch tracking?
  • Do mistakes in delivery addresses happen more often?
  • Does the current software have problems with managing the barcodes properly?
  • Are there more and more mistakes caused by controlling the warehouse with Excel files?
  • Is it getting difficult to control the ordered amounts and purchase prices due to an increasing number of suppliers?
  • Do your branch offices place unnecessary orders for products available in different locations?
  • Does your Sales Department complain about the work of Warehouse or Purchase Department?
  • Does the warehouse check in all locations take too much time?
  • Are the additional costs not included in the purchase price, which makes it impossible to control the real sales margin?


Implementation Benefits

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can solve many inconvenient problems with warehouse management. Here are some of the benefits of changing the logistics system:

  • Reduction of total distribution cost,
  • Punctual deliveries,
  • Reduction of stock levels,
  • Decrease of import/export cost and time,
  • Improvement of the warehouse capacity use,
  • Reduction of packing time,
  • Decrease of delivery cost,
  • Increase of inventory turnover.

If you wish to know more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and find a solution do increasing logistic problems, please contact us.

Our Clients

We have been trusted by more than fifty clients, who decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in their enterprises. Here are some of them: