We support Sales Management

Through Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation we help to solve sales management problems many companies have to deal with. Have you ever come across any of the below mentioned situations? If so, please contact us – with Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can find a way to help you.

  • Does the number of new products and services make it harder and harder to prepare a quotation or apply discounts?
  • Is the current system unable keep up with the process in your developing?
  • Is it getting difficult for you to manage the client database due to the growing number of customers?
  • Do your employees use too many programs and Excel files and make mistakes while copying data?
  • Do different departments have problems with information exchange, because each of them uses different software?
  • Is your company unable to achieve the assumed sales level?
  • Does the current software have problems with handling new features required to manage the company?
  • Do your old clients leave you to work with the competition?
  • Is it difficult to specify when a sold-out product would be available again?

The above mentioned cases are only some of the problems users of old ERP systems have to deal with. The solution is to provide the company with new management tools, in a form of the modern Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. If you think of the ERP implementation and would like to know where to start, do not hesitate to make the first step: contact our company.

Our Clients

We have been trusted by more than fifty clients, who decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in their enterprises. Here are some of them: