Mineral Mines

Basing on our rich experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we used the capabilities of the system and its environment to create the ERP solution designed for mining industry. In the effect, a set of functionalities has been prepared, that significantly improve the efficiency of business process management in Mineral Resources Mines.



Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Mineral Resources Mines module allows to save time and improve efficiency through:

  • Sales speed increase thanks to full automation,
  • Limiting errors and misuses,
  • Improving contract clarity and profitability,
  • Improving business safety thanks to quick reaction to payment delays,
  • Online orders,
  • Precise and central goods issue notifications,
  • Production planning based on contracts and orders,
  • Precise production and additional cost management.

The Offer

Mineral Resources Mines solution offers among other things:

  • Contract management,
  • Lists of drivers, trucks, semitrailers and tankers,
  • Connecting trucks with contracts,
  • Control of trucks authorized to collect aggregates and limestone meal,
  • Assigning RFID cards to trucks,
  • Loading limits control,
  • Maintenance-free, automatic goods issue process based on RFID carts connected with contracts,
  • Transport cost management,
  • Advance payments management,
  • Retail client service,
  • Support for Testing and Certification Laboratory,
  • Cooperation with automatics (Vehicle Scales, Silos, RFID cards, Gates),
  • Registering and accounting for aggregates and limestone meal production,
  • Production quoting.

The Process

Automatic vehicle management process based on RFID cards.

  • Checking the card on entrance scales. The system identifies the truck and contract, controls the limits and contract validity. At the same time the tare weight is registered.
  • Loading
  • Checking the card on exit scales. The system registers total weight and calculates net weight. At the same time the limit and allowable total vehicle weight is controlled. After the verification, the goods are booked and delivery note is printed.

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Our Clients

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